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8 - Images of Stillington 

Village Green showing Village Hall and the timber framed  house that was taken down and sold to USA


York Road junction showing Primitive Chapel


High Street from York Road junction


Main Street looking towards Hall - Bay Horse on the right


Main Street before 1907 showing cottages demolished when School & later BATA store and shop were built   

Adults: Jane North (left) Mrs Robinson (right)


Village School 1907, showing the wall dividingthe girls' and  boys' playground



Water Mill - Farlington Road


Stillington Hall with Head Gardener Spencer Corbett, c 1920


St Nicholas' Church 1998



Village Transport abut 1905 - wagon used for weekly delivery from Mill in Long Street, Easingwold

Ernest Wood (left) Mr J Hodgson (right)


Celebrating of the Coronation of George VI - May Queen 1937

Left to right:Jeff Shepherd, Eric Metcalfe, Charlie Morfoot, Margaret Averill, Peggy North.


Building Coach for the procession, Boat and Lighthouse for the Village Pond, in Hall stableyard.

Left to right Roger Kerrison, Bert Thompson, Algie Richardson, Charlie Thompson


Main Street - BATA shop 1920's

John Hutchinson


Stillington Post Office 1940's

 postman William Appleby


Corn ricks in stackyard, South Back Lane 1942

 Thomas Aynsley (81yrs)


Peace Celebrations at Stillington Hall, July 1919


Opening of Village Hall  - September 1929.     

Back row left to right: Miss Tenniswood, Mrs T Hugill, ?, Tom Horner, Dick Wood, Miss Tenniswood, Tom Lofthouse, Spencer Corbett, John B Hutchinson, Rev H W Smith, Dr C H Bullen, Dr & Mrs Hughes, Louise Maskill, Mr E E Newman (church organist), Mary Farrow, Mrs Newman   

 Front row left to right: Isobel Souter, Nellie Hope, Elsie Tindall, Charles Hutchinson, Mrs C H Bullen, Mrs W H Metcalfe, Mrs H W Smith & Donavan, Lily Corbett, Mrs Corbett, Mabel Denton, Elsie Neesom, ?, Mary Horner


Stillington Football Team early 1930's     

 Back row L-R:: ?, George Wood, Alan Redshaw, Norman Wood, Bill Burnett, Arthur Barker, Tom Horner 

Front row L-R: ?, Owen Atkinson,  Billy Redshaw,  Arthur Denton, Richard Wood, ?, George Burnett


Stillington Cricket Team 1950's

Back row left right: Tom Horner (Umpire), Eustace Burnett, Rich Wood, Arthur Midgley, Leslie Moreland, Henry Otterburn, Charlie Denton, Norman Wood

Front row left right: Jack Scaife, Cecil Wood, Cecil Hugill, Bill Burnett.


Stillington  School 1930    

Back row L-R: Frank Atkinson, Cecil Wood, Bob Gibson, Raymond Moreland,Leslie Hutchinson, Cecil Hugill

3rd row L-R: Amy Woodward, Betty Denton, Edna Hugill, Peggy North, Betty Crowther, Gwennie Dixon, Marjorie Smith, Muriel Hardy, Eileen Vester, Stella Smith

2nd row L-R: Lilly Davis, Lucy Grice, Cynthia Skaife, Nancy Simpson, Margaret Averill, Mary Atkinson, Mina North, Joan Grice, Nancy Bradley, Joyce Simpson, Katie Grace

Front row L-R: Raymond Souter, Frank Yorke, John Vester, Norman Mothersdale.